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Sustainable Thinking

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Unforeseeable Floods-Fire-Earthquake
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Human development goals on earth are to achieve Quality of life, Excellence, Peace and Happiness.
Our project would fulfil this goal, and it will help maintain the actual balance of the Biosphere, by developing answer’s that allow our buildings, fabrications and services, to stand up the unforeseeable, becoming structurally sound, habitable, recyclable and fast degradation at the end of the lifespan. In one sentence “working towards zero footprints”.

Note: Unpredictable risks from outer space like solar emissions, radiation, meteorites and from the underground like volcanos, geysers, mining, sinkholes or earthquakes are mentioned but are not part of the research.


... - Manuel Ortega F.
Sustainable Thinking - Australia/Chile

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updated - 4thApr2020

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We provide information about our experiences 1996/2020 about:

.- Sustainable Development (SD),
.- Strategic Planning
.- Sustainable Materials (SM) Straw Bales, and
.- Summary of a Research project (SDRP) 'constructing a sustainable building able to stand up and be habitable after an unforeseeable bush fire'. This project is at the Feasibility Study stage.

Sustainable Development (SD)

Strategic Planning - Cycle of Excellence




Planning, Design and Building with "sustainable Systems and Materials", satisfy our needs of living a good Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness, our ultimate goal. - Manuel Ortega F.
Sustainable Thinking - Australia/Chile