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Sustainable natural Home - Sustainable High rise Buildings - Sustainable Modern Life

In time gone by... sustainability was solved with creative and innovative ideas

building with straw bales in a continent
is equivalent to building iglus with bales of ice in the Antarctic/Arctic - 100% sustainable product

Sustainable Photo Gallery

Our Sustainable Goals are:

to improve Quality of Life and achieve Excellence - in Peace and Happiness

(1996 - 2019)

antartida  - CHILE 1st straw bale house in two levesl - CHILE casa cpmstruida con fardos de paja - CHILE

ice bale iglu - straw bale house - Sustainable Modern House

casa comstruida con fardos de paja - CHILE

1st two level house built with sustainable materials - Chile


DREAMS: A Museum - Observatorium - Resort - Shops - a sustainable building that could be the start of a turist city in the Outback in Australia

Straw bale design

DREAMS: ULURU - Outback in Australia without impact in the environment

Straw bale design Buiding design with sustainable materials and devices

A Sustainable Project - Carolina Fernandez Soto - Architect

Interior patios South view

Atacama desert - Chile


Straw bale construction - Chile internal walls timber straw bales

Straw bale walls - Timber structure
Unforeseeable Risks: The houses built have been able to survive not only the several 6 to 8.9 grades earthquakes (Richter scale), strong winds, storms, humid and acid coastal weather, internal self extinguished fires;

Art panel at Kin Kin Doris Ortega - Chile House architectural design 3 levels

Australia: Mural Art work Kin Kin Worshop --- Newton House - Sustainable material

Chilean landscape - photo MariaJose Ahumada Cesani Karawatha building biodegradable waste Land Development 5,000 semi-residential and residential blocks of lands

Australia: Farm production --- Biodegradable waste --- Land Development


straw bale construction straw bale construction

Santiago - Chile     ------    Brisbane - Australia

straw bale construction

Queensland - Australia - Storm water - Lakes and Wet Lands

straw bale construction straw bale construction

Land Development - QLD Australia

straw bale construction

Rancagua - Chile - Sustainable shadows

Open Pit mine - Chile

Underground & Open Pit mines - Production - Development - OH&S - Opening of an Open Pit connecting an Underground mine

Portillo ski resort - Avalanche Control

Snow Avalanche Control unique and innovative system

Land Development

Land Development semi-residential and residential blocks of lands

United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals

straw bale construction
(2019 - 2030)  

Sustainability in terms of energy savings dignify and improve the quality and lifestyle of all.

Building sustainable houses considering: Quality - Structural & Emergency - Standard Specifications - Code compliant; brings dignity, high respect for our congeners, add value chain, and allow Peace and Happiness.

Zero Poverty with sustainable building - Modular sustainable houses - Affordable and Dignifying

straw bale construction straw bale construction

UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030
17 Goals including: No poverty + Zero Hunger + more ...

"Our Universe is
an ecological sustainable environment,
perfectly balanced,
as Eden, an eternal paradise,
such that allow life and existence."