Sustainable Thinking

Sustainable Thinking

The Cycle of Excellence

"The CYCLE OF EXCELLENCE should deliver Sustainable Development Projects,
to satisfy Human needs, and that of all living organisms,
where the Ecological Balance of our Environment,
remains sustainable, for our actual and future Generations."


Unforeseeable Floods-Fire-Earthquake

City of Brisbane, Australia

"Our Dreams become reality,
by Thinking, Doing and Optimizing.
In so doing, humanity achieve
Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness"



Human and environment needs
are Quality of Life, Excellence, in Peace and Happiness, in a sustainable environment

Quality of Life
is a subjective, multidimensional concept that defines a standard level for emotional, physical, material, and social well-being; in harmony with the environment.

It is a healthy Lifestyle, where, the wise and fair choices are to keep us physically, and mentally nourished, providing for all humanity:

| Education | Research | Health | Food | Sustainable Housing | Independant Employability | Integral and Quality Business | Entertainment | Social Welfare | Safety | Security | Accountability | Government Integrity, Family Oriented | Sustainability, Clear Conscience of the Ecological Balance |

Excellence is a fundamental factor that help humanity to achieve a better Quality of Life, a Healthy Lifestyle.

In terms of continuous improvement, it is a High Standard of Performance – Research – Learning how to learn – Innovation and Creativeness.

As Human beings we achieve excellence by qualities like
Thinking with: Passion - Intelligence - Creativeness and Innovation.
and Doing with: Efficiency - Integrity and Diligence.

Peace and Happiness

Doing so, will bring us Peace and Happiness.

| Decision-Making Process DMP||
| The Cycle of Excellence |

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Sustainable Thinking - Australia/Chile


The Decision-making process supply the intelligent context, that allow a start-up, and successful delivery of a Sustainable Development Project.

The DMP is a virtual process of Thinking, Doing and Optimizing until we conform a sustainable due-dilligent (*) compromize.

(*) Merriam-Webster Dictionary...: Due Diligence: legal meaning, namely, “the care that a reasonable person takes to avoid harm to other persons or their property"; in this sense, it is synonymous with another legal term, ordinary care.
More recently, due diligence has extended its reach into business contexts, signifying the research a company performs before engaging in a financial transaction.

DMP is based in Quality of Life, Sustainable environment and Economic growth. Therefore, human and environmental needs are present during the whole process.

Environmental transition lapsus and the DMP
The fact that, we are not keeping up satisfying our needs, without affecting the sustainability of our environment, is causing poverty, hunger, and the environment responding with global catastrophic events, like CoVid-19, slowing down the Development of the whole world. These lapses are transition times made available to modernise the industry, education, building and sustainable tecnology systems. Where the DMP play and important roll

DMP and Global Forecasting Intelligent System (GFIS) of sustainable Parameters

The number of variables and data to obtain sustainable parameters, that will guide us to a better comprehension of the ecological balance, avoiding depletion of uncontrolled resources, is enormous, complex and unmanageable without an important update of a GFIS of those parameters.

The development of a Global FIS of sustainable parameters is priority.

Population growth is increasing to a high rate and the need of sustainable indexes ea. KPI’s, Auditing, Evaluation and Optimisation, determine the need of a Global FIS of Sustainable Parameters which will improve efficiency and add value to Sustainable Development Projects, becoming a priority, before colapsing of the ecological balance.

Consequently, a Sustainable Decision-making process from Thinking, Doing to Optimising, will enhance and dignify Quality of Life, increase Social and Economic growth, and allow Excellence and long-lasting lifespan for all our actual and future generations, in Peace and Happiness.

NOTE: FIS: AI System - BI System – DATA Science - Analytics - Research Scientific Method

Sustainable Thinking - Australia/Chile

"Our Dreams ushering in the Cycle of Excellence throughout Time,
to become Reality"
Sustainable Thinking - Australia/Chile